- 6th to 9th of April 2012 - Time until opening :


This version of the timetable is pretty much final and shouldn't change significantly anymore.

Friday, 06.04.

12:00 Event Doors open
20:00 Event Opening Ceremony
20:30 Event Moleman 2
22:00 Event event
23:30 Event Knoeki

Saturday, 07.04.

00:00 Deadline Amiga intro
Deadline Animation/Video
Deadline Executable music newskool
Deadline Executable music oldskool
Deadline Modern graphics
Deadline Oldskool graphics
Deadline Photo
Deadline Streaming music
Deadline Tracked music
10:00 Seminar Netpoet: Software Licensing and Marketing
11:00 Seminar Psykon: Post Processing for Real-Time Applications
12:00 Deadline ASCII/ANSI
Deadline Game
Deadline Oldskool Demo
Deadline PC 4k
Deadline Web Browser Intro
Seminar BeRo & Red: The possible next generation of demoscene 64k softsynths
13:00 Competition Tracked music
13:30 Competition Photo
14:00 Seminar Zavie: Introduction to light shading for real-time rendering
15:00 Event Meaty and H7's International Challenge
16:00 Seminar Digi: Exporting 3D scenes from Maya to WebGL using clang and llvm
16:30 Event Job Forum
17:00 Seminar Cosmic: Zbrush advanced
18:00 Competition Animation/Video
Competition ASCII/ANSI
Competition Executable music oldskool
Competition Game
Competition Oldskool graphics
20:30 Event Romeo Knight
22:00 Competition Web Browser Intro
22:30 Competition Amiga intro
23:00 Competition PC 4k
23:30 Competition Oldskool Demo

Sunday, 08.04.

00:00 Deadline 4k executable graphics
Deadline Wild
06:00 Deadline PC 64k Intro
10:00 Seminar Jens Schönfeld: Embedded software development
11:00 Seminar Prince: Secrets of editing monumental GFXs
12:00 Deadline Amiga Demo
Deadline Oldskool 4k Intro
Deadline Web Browser Demo
Seminar Franky: So you want to build an arcade machine?
13:00 Competition Executable music newskool
13:30 Competition Modern graphics
14:00 Deadline PC Demo
Seminar dox, Franky, Seven, Krusty, Pixtur: 4k Seminars
15:00 Competition Streaming music
16:00 Seminar JCO: Communicating emotion - how to make good music
17:00 Competition 4k executable graphics
17:30 Competition Wild
18:30 Event SIDRip Alliance
20:00 Event hoffman
22:00 Competition PC 64k Intro
22:30 Competition Web Browser Demo
23:00 Competition Oldskool 4k Intro
23:30 Competition Amiga Demo

Monday, 09.04.

00:00 Competition PC Demo
10:00 Deadline Voting
11:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Close