- 6th to 9th of April 2012 - Time until opening :


Romeo Knight

The dream team is back! Once again, Romeo Knight, whose music made the Amiigaaa famous, will take the stage together with Xerxes and Bendik. You have listened to all the modules (right?). You saw the concert at breakpoint (RIGHT?). Now it's time to shake your appendages for another round of demoscene classics and new tunes performed live on guitar, drums and a mean set of synthesizers!


SIDrip Alliance

SIDrip Alliance is a band paying tribute to the C64's legendary sound chip. Watch out for their mean reinterpretations of classic game and demo soundtracks as you enter the mosh pit ...



h0ffman returns to the Revision stage this year for a second round of bass, breaks and demoscene. In his teenage years he started writing music in the Amiga demoscene and was one of the founder members of the legendary net label Mono. He broke from the scene to focus on studio production and DJ producing a number of tracks and remixes. In 2010 he returned to the demoscene and hasn't looked back. Recent activity has seen the release of the 8-Bit Jungle Amiga music disk, collaborations with Focus Design as well as some special one off broadcasts on SceneSat radio. He currently runs Unstable Label a free music label specializing in bass heavy party music as well as hosting a twice monthly radio show on NSB Radio.



Knoeki's green antennas have become a staple at demoparties. Recently, scientists in a clandestine laboratory accidentally found out that they contain a high concentration of BASS, which he regularly needs to discharge. Help him do that (but avoid the arcs) by dancing to the beat!


Meaty and H7's International Challenge

In a special edition of the Sundown Quiz, Meaty and H7 will be hosting a contest between the UK and Finland to see who performs the best in a variety of challenges including singing, eating, obscure demoscene knowledge, and utter randomness. The challenges are being kept secret until the big day, but meaty has promised that some contestants may even DIE in this one.


Moleman 2

Moleman 2 is about the demoscene subculture, told by mostly Hungarian sceners, but it features also some other nationalities.

As an impact of the spreading of computer technology, some new art sections have been born. Some of them just digitized the analogue forms, but some produced whole new artistic forms. In former times, image-, and sound-based arts required not only intellectual but physical skills as well. Nowadays, computer programming allows us to create new-styled artworks using only our intellectual skills. We don’t need our physical skills for that anymore. Computer technics is the fastest developing part of our world, which produces more and more new opportunities for art. Moleman shows you now a digital subculture, where artists don’t use always the latest technology, but their aim is also to bring out the best from 30 year-old computer technics.

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