- 6th to 9th of April 2012 - Time until opening :

Subsidized tickets

If you are planning to attend Revision but the entrance fee is such a major part of your party budget that it's impossible to do the trip, you may apply for a subsidized ticket. These tickets don't cover the party expenses per visitor for us, so simple spoken we and the other visitors pay for the difference. That's why this ticket was introduced only for those persons, who simply can't afford the party without the discount. It is NOT meant to be a general rebate for students or visitors with a long travel distance or the like.

We will sell these tickets only on a pre-registration base. You are kindly asked to get in touch with us via the provided form and explain us in a DETAILED way, why you can't afford to visit the party without getting a subsidized ticket. The application should ideally include your current financial situation (e.g. unemployed with budget of xxx€ per month) as well as your planned party budget (e.g. I'm already hitchhiking because I can't afford the train ticket) so that it's easy for us to rate your application.