- 6th to 9th of April 2012 - Time until opening :

Web browser competitions

General information

  • We will supply recent releases / stable builds of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • WebGL is allowed! Flash and Silverlight however are not.
  • We will not install any add-ons on the compo machine.
  • All required data must be in the submitted archive, you may not call/download any external files, e.g. from an internet server.
  • You may not use any operating system provided media files such as the "Media" and "Music Samples" directory


  • No maximum filesize, however dont try to run a movie in an iframe.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc)


  • Maximum filesize is 4KB including the HTML container and all resources required to run the intro.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc)
  • Don't cheat, we'll check the source of the launch-page ;-)