- 6th to 9th of April 2012 - Time until opening :

Amiga competitions

General Information

  • The competition machine will be an A1200, 68060/66Mhz with 64MB RAM and OS 3.1, with latest AHI installed, latest phase5/DCE 68060.library and SetPatch v43.6.
  • PPC Amiga entries are accepted for the Wild Compo. We do have AmigaOS4/MorphOS hardware but please contact us in advance if you need them
  • Assigns and installation scripts are forbidden. Going into the demo's directory and starting the main executable have to be the only necessary steps to watch the demo.
  • There will be no OS 3.5 or 3.9 libraries or datatypes installed on the compo machine. Make sure your production does NOT depend on them.
  • All custom libraries have to be delivered with the demo/intro; they have to reside in the demo/intro's directory and will count into the file size of your production
  • Pressing either the right mouse button or ESC has to end the demo instantly.
  • The entry has to be delivered as single .lha, .lzx, .lzh, .zip or .tar.gz file.
  • All entries have to run in a "clean" environment, that is booting AmigaOS without startup sequence, running SetPatch and then the demo/intro executable.


  • Maximum size is 20MB (20971520 bytes) zipped/lha'ed/lzh'ed/whatever for ALL files (including readmes etc).
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc).


  • Maximum size is 65536 bytes for the executable.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc).